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This is a list of RSS feeds that may be of interest to GlueX Collaborators and other members of the Hall D community.

  • JLab Logbooks: HDLOG
    • Note that there is a separate feed for each log book in the system. This link is just for the Hall D Log. There is an RSS link at the bottom of each log's summary page. Look for this symbol:Rss.gif
    • From offsite you need your JLab username and password.
  • GlueX Wiki: Recent changes
  • MantisBT: Offline Problem Tracking Activity
  • Subversion repositories:
    • GlueX: file check-in's
    • JLab 12 GeV: file check-in's
      • Note that the links above are for the entire repository. A separate feed exists for each node of the directory tree of the repository. These are useful if you are only interested in a subset of the directories. See the "XML" buttons on the repository browser page for links to these subsidiary feeds.

Q & A

  1. What is an RSS feed?
  2. What are the advantages of using RSS feeds?
    • Well-suited for notifications or news articles where you skip over many items, but want to at least see titles of all the items.
      • Ability to browse topics, skipping unimportant articles and picking out the must-read ones.
      • Separation of these types of items from your email stream.
    • Accumulates several information steams into one location. The idea is to have a net decrease in the number of things on your computer that you have to check.
  3. What are the disadvanges of using RSS feeds?
    • You have to set up an RSS feed reader.
    • Content in readers may not be as richly formatted as in their "native" location.
  4. What is a good RSS feed reader to use?
    • Many options exist, among them:
      1. Thunderbird email client
        , instructions here.
      2. Other options
        There are a lot of them. See this article.