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The following information is from Marty Wise as of June 11, 2009:

  • The web server called halldweb1 runs on a physical machine that is shared with several other web servers. It uses its own IP address, but shares the system with several other (small) web servers. It is running:
    • tomcat-5.5.17
    • jdk1.5.0_06
    • apache-2.0.x
    • RHEL4
  • System daemon commands:
    • MySQL is started / stopped with /etc/init.d/halldweb1.mysql [start | stop]
    • Tomcat with /etc/init.d/halldweb1.tomcat [start | stop]
    • Apache with /etc/init.d/webserver halldweb1 [start | stop]
      • Note that on the apache command line, if you omit the “halldweb1” parameter, you will affect all the web servers running on the system.
  • The physical system it is running on is web19. Web19 will likely be converted to a VM using an automated process fairly soon. The individual web servers running on it are gradually being moved to independent VMs and upgraded to new RHEL/Apache, etc.