Transitioning from BlueJeans to Zoom

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Information on the Transition

Instructions for Zoom

  • How to connect a polycom system to a zoom meeting.
    1. Connect you Polycom system to the I.P. address
    2. Enter the Zoom Meeting ID followed by #
    3. Enter the Zoom Pass code followed by #
  • General Comments on Zoom on Polycom.
    1. In using a Polycom system, unless you have a keyboard connected to your unit, it is very hard to enter alpha numeric characters. Thus, we should restrict both meeting IDs and pass codes to be purely numeric.
    2. Meetings should be set up so that anyone can share their screen.
    3. Wait rooms should be avoided at all cost.
    4. There is no way to remotely mute a microphone in zoom, so setting mute on connect as the default would be smart.
    5. Unless you have multiple monitors, when a screen is shared, you will loose the participant videos.