TODO reprocessing 2017-01 data

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Things to do before reprocessing the 2017 data with the latest software

Need to do

  • Recalibrate inner FCAL blocks
    • Igal says that if we keep the same 2 calibration periods, he is ready to recalibrate and this should take maybe a couple of weeks
      • 93676 2017-11-16 10-03-20 2017-11-16 10-03-20 default 30000L-30788L
      • 84661 2017-11-07 21-46-51 2017-11-07 21-46-51 default 30789L-inf
    • Decide if we should use the Primex calibration procedure
    • Also decide if we should use log-weighted or weighted mean (current default) position
    • Igal: Simon is working on finalizing the Island reconstruction algorithm - maybe we want to use this instead
  • Check tagger calibrations
  • Benchmark reconstruction software against 2019-11 software version

Would like to do

  • Figure out drift chamber alignment
  • study matching to single FCAL blocks
  • detailed tagger energy calibration
Beam energy reconstructed with exclusive rho events
  • better calibration of high energy FCAL showers

FCAL plots

pi0 mass for inner blocks in run period 2017-01 (run 30730) - 25 April 2022 (pdf)

InnerBlocks 30730-20220425.png

pi0 mass for inner blocks in run period 2018-08 (run 51227) - 25 April 2022 (pdf)

InnerBlocks 51227-20220425.png

pi0 mass for inner blocks In run period 2017-01 (note that these plots were made using the pi0 skims, whereas the above plots were made with the full raw data, so ignore this plot!! the pi0 skims explicitly rejected in the inner FCAL layers)- 20 April 2022

InnerBlocks-2017-01 20220420.png