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TDR section status

Section Contact person Initial version Status of editing
Introduction None Complete Not edited
CDC Naomi Jarvis Complete Not edited
FDC Lubomir Pentchev Complete Round one complete
BCAL Elton Smith, Zisis Papandreou Complete Not edited
FCAL Mathew Shepherd  ? Not edited
TOF Paul Eugenio  ? Not edited
Superconducting Solenoid Eugene Chudakov  ? Not edited
Pair Spectrometer Alexander Somov  ? Not edited
Tagger Richard Jones  ? Not edited
Start Counter Eric Pooser Complete Not edited
Target Mark Ito  ? Not edited
Trigger Alexander Somov  ? Not edited
Photon beam instrumentation  ?  ? Not edited
Polarized photon source  ?  ? Not edited
Electronics Fernando J. Barbosa Complete Not edited