Run Planning Meeting Notes, June 16 - June 22, 2022

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Meeting are via ZoomGov: connect (Meeting ID: 160 199 0060 / Passcode 8394)

MCC whiteboard

Hall D counting room white board

Thursday June 16

  1. Last 24h:
    • No beam since last meeting
    • Still getting tagger voltage alarms (should we just turn those counters off?)
  2. Reports
  3. Issues
    • High trigger rate in CTOF
      • MWPC #6 window cover removed. If successful, great. Otherwise, attempt to move helium bag downstream.
  4. Plans
    • When beam comes back (swing shift?)
      • L1 trigger work (if not too late)
      • Flux optimization/Act .Col. calibration (2 hours) (if not too late)
      • Harp scans.
      • NPP production run overnight (even if previous item failed). Diamond, 45/135, 30nA or more possible (it will be up to NPP persons to check and tell if a higher current may be used).
  5. Commissioning steps temporarily postponed:
    • PS and TAGH HV scans
    • Bleed-through test: measure bleed-through with A slit as usual and A slit completely closed to see whether using B slit would help.