Run Coordinator report: fall 2022 w5

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During this week 5, we collected ~7.8B triggers with Full target & ~1.4B with Empty target. Roughly ~45% of week 5 photon-flux corresponds to empty target. There were no issues concerning the setup apart from the FCAL bases frequent failures or anticipated failure. There were the usual DAQ crashes which represented the majority of downtime from our side. The major issue this week came from poor accelerator efficiency, 35%, due to issues with the injector and RF cavity. Whenever we had beam, the beam quality was usually good except the last of week 5 when a shoulder in the vertical direction appears in a wire scan (HARP scan). Another issue with the beam is its frequent excursions in the y-direction, particularly after a trip. The causes of the excursions are only partially understood by a software glitch.