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# Announcements
# Announcements
# Updates to the Mechanical Installation Schedule ([[Media:Sept 27 2013 Install Schedule.pdf | Sept 27 Rendition of Install Schedule]]) (Tim)
# Updates to the Mechanical Installation Schedule ([[Media:Sept 27 2013 Install Schedule.pdf | Sept 27 Rendition of Install Schedule]]) (Tim)
# Electronics Installation Schedule (Fernando) [[https://halldweb1.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Status_%26_Schedules | Schedule]]
# Electronics Installation Schedule (Fernando) [[https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Status_%26_Schedules | Schedule]]
#* Readiness of controls
#* Readiness of controls
# Installation Updates (<b>Not a construction report</b>)
# Installation Updates (<b>Not a construction report</b>)

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Meeting Time and Place

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 1:30 PM At Jefferson Lab, the meeting will be held in F326


To connect from the outside, please use ESNET

  1. ) ESNET: 8542553
  2. )To connect by telephone (supported on request only) dial:
  • You can look up toll-free number at http://www.readytalk.com/intl
  • US and Canada: (866)740-1260 (toll free)
  • International: (303)248-0285 (toll call)
  • enter access code followed by the # sign: 3421244#

Desktop Sharing

You can view the computer desktop in the meeting room at JLab via the web.

  1. Go to http://esnet.readytalk.com
  2. In the "join a meeting" box enter the Hall D code: 3421244
  3. Fill in the participant registration form.

Up to GlueX/Hall-D Installation Meetings

Action Items From Last Meeting


  1. Announcements
  2. Updates to the Mechanical Installation Schedule ( Sept 27 Rendition of Install Schedule) (Tim)
  3. Electronics Installation Schedule (Fernando) [| Schedule]
    • Readiness of controls
  4. Installation Updates (Not a construction report)
    • Counting House Infrastructure
    • Trigger and DAQ Installation
    • Slow Control Installation
    • Tagger Magnet Installation
    • BCAL Installation
    • FCAL Installation
    • FDC Installation
    • CDC Installation
    • TOF Installation
    • Start Counter Installation
    • Microscope Installation
    • Tagger Array Installation
    • Pair Spectrometer Installation
  5. A.O.B.


Installation Meeting - Present: CMU, JLab, IU, Regina, FSU; JLab: Fernando, Hovanes, Eugene, Tim, Elliot, Mark; CMU: Curtis, Naomi; Regina: Zisis; FSU: Sasha

Installation Schedule: We reviewed Tim's updated installation schedule. Monday the platform will be ready to move the FDC onto the platform. Major power installation is almost complete. On Monday electricians will begin wiring power from the panel to the rack locations. Installation of chilled water started this afternoon and will take a few weeks. Installation in the gas shed is now underway. Plumbing of the gas lines to hall will happen later and will be polyethylene.

Electronics: Half of the BCAL cabling to the racks has been completed. Project having 3/4 of the cables done next week and then move crates to the hall next week. Once crates are in place connections at the rack side will be completed. Goal is to finish the BCAL by the end of this month.

Alignment: rails for FDC have been aligned to beam centerline not BCAL, which is about 1 mm off beam center. Magnet center is only 1/4 mm from theoretical beamline based on survey with the hall.

Counting House [Hovanes]: Counting house ready to use, but computers for event building and level3/monitoring are on order.

Trigger and DAQ [Elliott]: Chris Cuevas will measure trigger fiber cables lengths once the cable trays are installed. Fiber lengths must be factory made. After order, they will be installed by technicians.

Controls [Elliott]: PLC control equipment moved onto the hall network and begin commissioning. Additional switches are being installed as needed.

Tagger Magnet [Tim]: Start mapping soon, as soon as hardware arrives -- Dan Sober will do analysis. Thin window will be next. Power supply checkout will happen next week.

BCAL: Half cabled and in the solenoid. Manifolds will go on once the cable is done.

FCAL [John]: Dark room skin installation continues. Eljen is replacing two of the light monitoring system Plexiglas pieces. Try out controls on the network.

FDC [Lubomir]: Crate power will be provided by 208V extension cord. Dry nitrogen needs to be brought to the FDC during the installation if the humidity level in the hall is not sufficiently low. FDC will not be moved next week in case of lab shutdown.

CDC [Curtis]: CDC will move to JLab on Oct-29. Coordination on both ends.

TOF [Sasha]: Start installation in December. Shipping of modules will be begin in November. The critical path item is the fabrication of mechanical items needed for installations. During installation bars will be tested with HV supply, digital scope, and scalar.

Start Counter: No updates.

Microscope [Sasha]: Delivery on schedule. Need to decide if we want to install in the hall when they arrive due to the potentially high radiation in hall.

Tagger [Sasha]: We will have some tagger counters early that can be installed in April in case there is beam.

Pair Spectrometer [Sasha]: Low granularity counters are ready for install. Need to map magnet first (scheduled for December) and then install afterward. Shielding wall will be installed as late as possible, since they are activated.

Needed for April: Beamline is critical including a few hodoscope counters in the tagger hall. The rest of the detector systems are optional. Once accelerator starts working with the beam the hall will be closed. Amorphous radiator should be ready and the pair spectrometer converter. Active collimator should be ready.