March 17, 2010 Tracking CDC/FDC

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Meeting Time and Place


Wednesday March 17, 2010 at 11:00am At Jefferson Lab, the meeting will be held in room F324-325


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1.) ESNET: 8542553
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  1. Gas system follow-up
  2. FDC Update
  3. CDC Update
  4. CDC Straw discussion (cont).
    1. Inspection with an electron microscope (Original pictures from December 2009).
    2. Inspection with an electron microscope II (Pictures of Stone Kaptons straws, March 2010).
    3. Inspection with an optical microscope (Optical pictures of straws, March 2010).
  5. Plan for studies of the FDC beam hole size MC studies of the FDC beam hole size


Present: C. Meyer and Y. Van Haarlem (CMU), E. CHudakov, E. Smith, B. Zihlmann, S. Taylor, D. Lawrence, M. Ito, L. Pentchev and T. Whitlatch (JLab)

Beni presented a fairly extensive update on the gas system based on the two diagrams above. The gas will be supplied via crates of tanks. For CO2, there appear to be 12 bottles per crate, while for A, there are 18 bottles per crate. For a given crate, there is one gas hook-up. This means that crates will be swapped out every 3-4 weeks. The system is set up to be able to check the Oxygen content at the output of each crate, and again at the exit of each chamber.

Both the FDC and CDC will have their own mixing system, which will be fed by the same gas crates.

The FDC was reported on by Lubomir who indicated that Beni's studies were proceeding. They also appear to need to clean one of the existing planes.

Curtis reported on the CDC. The big news is that the contract has been signed by both CMU and JLAB. Curtis will be working to get the accounts set up at CMU for billing to the contract. CMU is also well along in getting the add out for the two technicians that are to be hired as part of the contract. It could go out next week. The clean room is still being cleaned and parts are in or coming in to be able to check the small parts when they arrive at CMU. Yves got the parts in last week to do the temperature checks on the CDC gas and the student is starting this week to put the system together using the small prototype.

Discussion continued on the straw material based on the confusion in the CDC paper between the two Lumina straws. Yves showed the results of the optical microscopy studied of the straws. JLab still plans to look at the straw samples sent to them by CMU. Based on the discussion, it was decided to pursue a parallel straw order from Lumina that would use a thicker aluminum layer. Once we find out what the delivery would be, we can adjust the fast-track schedule.