Jan 25, 2022 PrimEx-eta (informal) Calibration & Analysis Meeting

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Time and Place

  • Time: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022 at 9:30 am EST.
  • Room: Online

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  1. Announcements
  2. Status of Calibrations
  3. Calibration Updates:
  4. Analysis Updates:
    • Drew
    • Tyler
    • ig
  5. MC simulation Updates
    • Production (ig)
      • New samples for eta & pi0


Presents: Alex, Drew, Jackson, Simon, Tyler, & ig

  • How to veto tracks? By Simon.
    • DChargedTrack object list all track hypotheses, the best hypotheses should be sorted then
    • DTrackTimeBased object list tracks with matching hit in other (fast) detectors, the time of this (fast) detector is then used as the track time
    • Drift time is too long to be used with RF hence DTrackTimeBased
    • To veto tracks we can either use
      • DChargedTrack/DTrackTimeBased by requiring no tracks corresponding to these cuts
      • Or zero DTrackTimeBased
      • We can also use lower-level object: DFDCSegment_factory and request no segments "fired"

Veto efficiency systematics might be a problem in all 3 cases. In short, we have to try the different track-based veto possibilities

  • Calibration status
    • Tagger (Tyler), microscope time-walk has been published last Friday, Tyler is currently checking its application. Tyler will take over Sasha for the tagger fine-tuning i.e. correct misaligned individual tagger channel
    • CCAL (Drew). Compton events are used for the calibration. Drew roughly two weeks to finish the calibration
    • FCAL (ig), gains matching should finish this week for both PrimEx-eta phase 2 and SRC data sets. Calibration is on track to be finished between mid-Feb and end-Feb
    • Alignment (Drew). Drew analysis is not in agreement with Simon. We have to decide which values to use
  • Analysis
    • Compton paper, what is missing? (Drew & Sasha)
      • Matching MC simu & data is still a problem. Drew will try to fold a fudge factor in the final observed quantities eg DeltaK
      • Alignment between CCAL/FCAL/beam is an issue
  • MC simulation (ig): new samples are available for validation. Once validated by Drew & Tyler, ig will launch a MC simu. production most probably after Sasha will finish the PS calibration on gxproj2
  • Skimming two-photon events will start afterward (probably in two weeks for now)