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If you are a new member and looking for information in general about getting a computer account and other things please see the Getting Started At GlueX guide.

Trip Registration for Visiting Jefferson Lab

If you are planning to visit Jefferson Lab, you need to register your visit 7 days in advance. Details can be found on the JLab HR Visitor Site. But it is easier to just use the direct registration link below.

It is recommended that you use your jlab email address to minimize information you need to enter. The registration site remembers a lot of information, but there are often additions and changes, so read things carefully. Also, there is new training you are required to do on that site related to COVID safety while at the lab. It can take up to 20 minutes to get through it all the first time.

User Training Information

In order to have access to Jefferson Lab, you will need to complete and keep up to date various training requirements.

If you are planning to take shifts in person in Hall D. You can find a list of all the training you will need, and links to material that you will need to read, visit the Training and Safety page on the Hall D operations Wiki.

The Learning Management system shows you all the course and training that you have, including both required and not required.

If you want to know what training you need and what your status is with that training, then the following link is better.

If you need to update or get additional training, the you can find all the web-based training modules on the next page.

Unfortunately, not all training is web-based. You will need to take the Rad Worker 1 training in person. You can schedule that exam using the following link

Once there, go to the link “https://outlook.office365.com/...” and select a time. If none of the available times are suitable for you, you may contact Lorelei Carlson (info below) and schedule an appointment for the exam. If you have not had RW1 training before, or your training has been expired for a while, you will also need to do practical training. You will be told about that after completing the written test. Please also note that the Study Guide was updated in February of 2021. A scan of the 2021 guide can be found onDocDb as document 5220.

COVID Vaccination Status

If you are planning to visit Jefferson Lab, you will need to upload your vaccination status. The information was first announced in May. A link to the registration page was announced in a mail from May 7, also available from a memo. The link for the upload can be found at the following location, where I believe that you should upload an image of the front and back of your vaccination card. It is not clear if there is any way to verify that the information has been received.

Timely Information

  • As of June 21, 2021, someone will be manning the User Liaison Office in CEBAF Center on Tuesday and Thursday. It would be advisable to give them advance notice of any planned visits.
    • Lorelei Carlson, User Liaison Administrator
      • Phone: (757) 269-6388
      • Email: lorelei@jlab.org
    • Jodi Patient, User Liaison Associate
      • (757) 269-7583
      • patient@jlab.org
  • On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, the Computational Science & Technology (CST) Division will release annual Cyber Security Awareness (CST001) training. This training will be added to the skills requirements list (SRL) for all Jefferson Lab computer account holders. The new CST001 training highlights cyber security awareness to safeguard JLab computer accounts and lab data. For many years, cyber security was a part of GEN034 Annual Security Awareness. The primary focus of GEN034 is physical security. CST001 will focus on cyber security and delve deeper into this complex topic.