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This is a set of scripts with a unified user interface for managing Hall-D software. It allows one to build and update Hall-D software from a single directory, and makes it easy to view and modify current package versions. The main idea is to configure builds with a series of simple text files, separating the process of scripting from configuration, and providing templates for future builds. The configuration text files are meant to be general enough so that the user will never need to modify any of the source scripts. Secondly, an effort is made to minimize the number of lines a user will need to modify in order to (re)configure a build; the scripts recognize certain variables, such as [VER] for version number to make this possible. Example templates are provided; most of these are designed for use on the JLab CentOS 6.5 iFarm, but can easily be modified for general use. Hall D Package Manager (hdpm) is located at the GitHub along with a thorough README.

Getting it

git clone https://github.com/JeffersonLab/hdpm

Using it

On 64-bit Linux, change to hdpm directory and source the appropriate setup script. This script is for setting up the package manager, not the builds, and needs to be sourced each time a new shell is started.

source setup.(c)sh

On Mac OS X, change to hdpm directory and do the following:

source setup-osx.(c)sh

For help, just type 'hdpm' or 'hdpm help'.

Select a build template. For first time use, the user should select an example template: "all", "Sp15", or "F14".

hdpm select <template id>

Show the current build settings. Note that these arguments are optional. Column names: "version", "url", "path", "deps", and "cmds".

hdpm show [column name] [column spacing]

Customize build templates by editing/copying the text files in the "templates" directory (which starts off as a copy of the "example-templates" directory). The current build settings are stored in the "settings" directory; these should be directly modified when the user wants to try out new settings. These can be made into a template by using the "save" command.

hdpm save <new template id>

Checkout, clone, or download selected packages.

hdpm fetch [pkgs...]

Build selected packages (fetch if needed). Use with no arguments to build all packages. If a package is already built, the build time, disk use, and timestamp of when the build finished will be displayed.

hdpm build [template id]
hdpm build [pkgs...]

Update selected Git/SVN packages.

hdpm update [pkgs...]

Completely remove build products of selected packages.

hdpm clean [pkgs...] 

Do a clean build of selected packages.

hdpm clean-build [pkgs...]

Show usage and description of command.

hdpm help <command>