HOWTO copy a file from the ifarm to home

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Let us assume that you want to copy the file


from the lab to home. For this example we start with a shell variable definition to save typing:


We will assume bash throughout. You will also need a port number, something random between 10000[?] and 65000[?]. We will choose


The randomness is to avoid conflicts with other users. And let us assume your JLab username is


1. Set up an ssh tunnel

ssh -t -L${port}:localhost:${port} $ ssh -t -L${port}:localhost:22 ifarm

you will have to type your JLab password twice (unless you are using an ssh agent). Leave the tunnel running.

2. Use the tunnel to copy the file

In a different terminal use the scp command

scp -P$port localhost:$file .

to copy to the current working directory.