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We use Google Groups for some of our email discussion lists.

The Groups

Group Name Group Title Email Address Web Site Type
gluex-software GlueX Software Help!forum/gluex-software public
gluex-omega-pi GlueX ωπ analysis discussion!forum/gluex-omega-pi private
  • Google groups used for the publication review process can be found here.


In the instructions below, replace <groupname> with the name of the Google group of interest (see table above).

To Subscribe

There are four ways to subscribe; any one of them should work. Note that methods 1, 2, and 3 allow an arbitrary email address for the subscription. Method 4 requires a Google account. See the section below for a discussion of the differences.

  1. Send an email to You will get an invitation using the address you sent from.
  2. Send an email from the address you would like to subscribe with (doesn't need to be Gmail account) to <groupname>
    • You will receive a confirmation email at your desired address. Reply to this confirmation email from your same address and your subscription request will be complete.
    • Note: do not click on the "Join This Group" button in the confirmation email while logged into Google. That will attempt to subscribe you with your Gmail account.
  3. Log into the Google groups site as . Use the online password. To subscribe:
    1. Click on "My groups".
    2. Click on the "manage" link under the name of the group of interest.
    3. Click on "Direct add members"
    4. Fill in the form with the email address of your choice.
  4. If you have a personal Google account, log into it, then go to!forum/<groupname>
    Click on "Apply to join group". After approval, you will get a confirmation email to your Gmail account. The subscription will use your Gmail address.

To Unsubscribe

Send an email to <groupname>

Using a Non-Google vs. Google Email Address

It is not necessary to have a Google account to participate. You can post messages to a group from a non-Google account, and you will receive all messages posted by others at that non-Google account. However, for operations that require authentication to the Google website, an account is necessary.

There are two types of groups: public and private. The implications for non-google accounts are different for the two.

  • Public. You cannot post to the group using the web-browser interface (that would require authentication). You can post by sending email from your subscribed account, you will get all the emails, and you can browse and search postings on the web.
  • Private. You cannot post and you cannot browse using the web interface (again, authentication would be required for both). You can post from your email account, and you will get all of the emails there.

For those who do not have a Google account, note that all collaborators have access to the account which owns the groups: The password matches that of the online account. This account has all privileges on the groups. You can use the account if you need to bypass any of the restrictions described above for public or private groups (though you will be acting as user = halldops if you post).

The following table summarizes privileges using a non-Google email account:

Receive email Send email Browse postings on web Post on web
Public yes yes yes no
Private yes yes no no