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GlueX Collaboration Meeting

September 18, 19 and 20, 2008 at the University of Connecticut

The following template has been set up to allow people to identify what needs to be presented at the meeting. It has been roughly broken out by working group with suggestions for topics within each group. The working group chairs should work on adding the relevant talks with an estimated time (including questions) and the speaker's name. If there is a talk that does not fit into this template, please add it at the bottom.


Everyone participating in the collaboration meeting whether in person at JLab or remotely via electronic media are encouraged to register. One can register on the Registration Page

To see who else will be attending either in person or via electronic media, please see the Current List of Participants Page


Room: IMS 159 - all sessions will take place in this room.

Gant Science Complex, 2152 Hillside Road, University of Connecticut Storrs campus
(interactive campus map), Storrs-Mansfield, Connecticut.

The Gant Science Complex is a qradrangle of buildings comprised of Physics, Math, Biology, and Institute for Materials Science (IMS). IMS 159 is a conference room in the IMS Annex, a one-storey addition built in the center of the quad. To enter the IMS Annex, come into the Physics Building at the end just across from the north end of the North Parking Garage. From there, follow the posted signs up a flight of stairs to the first floor, and down the glass-enclosed hallway that leads to the Annex.

Lodging: - prices listed are estimated basic room rates, not guaranteed.

hotel name phone number distance price/night availability
(as of 9/3/2008)
Nathan Hale Inn (860) 427-7888 0.25 mi. $175 7
Best Western Inn (860) 423-8451 6.5 mi. $88 >12
Rodeway Inn (860) 684-1400 7.7 mi. $74 >12
Comfort Inn (860) 871-2432 12.2 mi. $90 >12
Quality Inn (860) 646-5700 13.1 mi. $75 >12
Holiday Inn Express (860) 648-2000 16.2 mi. $114 >12

Airports: Hartford-Springfield [BDL] - 37 mi., Providence [PVD] - 55 mi., New Haven [HVN] - 66 mi., Boston [LOG] - 88 mi., New York [LGA] - 135 mi., New York [JFK] - 142 mi., Albany [ALB] - 145 mi., ...

Directions: Just google it.

Parking: All guests who are driving in from off-campus should park in the North Parking Garage, located just across the street from the Physics Wing of the Gant Science Complex. You should come through the entrance for visitors and take a ticket. Bring the ticket with you, and we will have it stamped to eliminate the parking fee.

Meals: Coffee and pastries will be served in the conference room each morning of the meeting at 8:30. Coffee will also be served during the afternoon sessions. A number of options on and off campus are available for lunch and dinner. A printable campus map with nearby eating places marked is available here.

on-campus Student Union - fast food, sandwich grills, cafes, etc.
(walking distance) Chuck's and Augies - sit-down lunch, nicer fare, good prices.
  Nathan Hale Inn - quiet, more up-scale option.
  Sarah's Pockets - Lebanese food, recommended, close.
  Subway, Ted's Giant Grinders, Tin Tsin ...
off-campus Chang's Garden
(< 5 miles) Starbuck's Coffee
  Willington Pizza (recommended)
  Altnaveigh Inn (up-scale)
  Bidwell Tavern
  Chuck's and Margarita's
  Hong Kong Cafe and Grill

Remote Access

  1. ESNET: 8542553
  2. EVO: Room Booked under GlueX, entitled GlueX Collaboration Meeting
  3. Telephone: EVO telephone bridge -- see Remote Access Instructions for Collaboration Meeting, September 18-20, 2008 for detailed instructions for connecting to EVO.

Talks on the DocDB

The DocDB talk-upload template for the September 2008 Collaboration Meeting can be found here:

Upload your talks at the link above and then edit the agenda below to enter the appropriate link to your talk based on its DocDB document number.

Example (from the May 2008 meeting):

  • 15:15 Session I (90) --- Offline Working Group Meeting --- Chair Curtis Meyer

= AGENDA = Full Agenda on DocDB

Thursday September 18, 2008

Friday September 19, 2008

Saturday September 20, 2008

  • 8:30 (60) --- Collaboration Board Meeting
  • 9:30 Session IVa (60) --- Closeout
    • 9:30 (25) Recruiting Collaborators -- Curtis Meyer
    • 9:55 (45) Beam Test Discussion -- All
    • 10:40 (30) Report from the Collaboration Board -- Paul Eugenio
    • 11:10 (20) Collaboration Business -- Curtis Meyer
  • 11:30 Adjourn