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GlueX Collaboration Meeting

May 14 to 16, 2019 at Jefferson Lab

The following template has been set up to allow people to identify what needs to be presented at the meeting. It has been roughly broken out by working group with suggestions for topics within each group. The working group chairs should work on adding the relevant talks with an estimated time (including questions) and the speaker's name. If there is a talk that does not fit into this template, please add it at the bottom.


  • Everyone participating in the collaboration meeting whether in person at JLab or remotely via electronic media are encouraged to register. Please visit the Registration Page.
  • All attendees are also required to register at the following link to enter their visit request. This appears to be different from the meeting registration page.

Visits to JLab by Foreign Citizens

  • Non-U.S. citizens will be not be granted site access without attaching a CV to their visit request. Our visitor access documentation will detail CV requirements.
  • All visit requests must be submitted not less than seven calendar days prior to the visit start date. Admission with less than a seven day notice is only possible with documentation from their institution that a bona fide emergency prevented their advance registration.
  • Non-U.S. citizens must present proof of their current institutional affiliation, such as a badge, ID card or an original letter from their supervisor on institutional letterhead at the time of arrival.
  • Non-U.S. citizens will be granted lab access for up to one year, or to the end of their U.S. entry authorization, whichever is shorter. Visitors can request annual extensions if their Jefferson Lab host verifies a continuing need for lab access.


CEBAF Center F113

Remote Access

  1. To join via a Web Browser, go to the page [1]
  2. To join via Polycom room system go to the IP Address: ( and enter the meeting ID: 660743227.
  3. To join via phone, use one of the following numbers and the Conference ID: 660743227.
    • US or Canada: +1 408 740 7256 or
    • US or Canada: +1 888 240 2560
  4. More information on connecting to bluejeans is available.

Jefferson Lab Certificate

JLab maintains its own Certificate Authority to create and sign TLS/SSL certificates used to secure connections to numerous web and other network services. You must install JLab's signing certificate into your web browsers, email, and other clients that use TLS/SSL for secure connections. Without installing this certificate, some clients may generate warnings, while others may simply not connect.

Talks on the DocDB

The DocDB talk-upload template for the May 2019 Collaboration Meeting can be found here:

Upload your talks at the link above and then edit the agenda below to enter the appropriate link to your talk based on its DocDB document number.

Example (from the May 2008 meeting):

  • 15:15 Session I (90) --- Offline Working Group Meeting --- Chair Curtis Meyer


Monday May 13, 2019

Software Tutorial and Workshop
Pointer to DocDB

GlueX Tutorial 2019

Tuesday May 14, 2019

Wednesday May 15, 2019

Thursday May 16, 2019

  • 9:00 Session Va (100) --- Analysis/Offline/Calibration - (Organizer: Sean Dobbs) - Chair:
  • 10:15 (15) Coffee
  • 10:30 Session Vb (50) --- PAC Updates - (Organizer:) - Chair:
    • 10:30 (20+5) --- LOI for the GDH Sum Rule Measurement - Alexandre Deur
    • 10:55 (20+5) --- Strange Hadron Spectroscopy with Secondary KL Beam at GlueX - Moskov Amaryan
  • 11:20 Session Vc (30) --- Business Meeting - Chair:
    • 11:20 (15) --- Report from the Collaboration Board - Reinhard Schumacher
    • 11:35 (15) --- Closeout - Curtis Meyer
  • 11:50 Adjourn

Workshop on Comparison of Data and Monte Carlo (CC F324/325)

May 2019 Workshop on Comparison of Data and Monte Carlo
Pointer to DocDB

  • 13:00 Session VIa (180) --- CC F324/325
    • 13:00 (10) --- Overview --- Sean Dobbs
    • 13:20 (25+10) --- Calorimeter WG Report --- Mark Dalton
    • 13:55 (25+10) --- Particle ID WG Report --- Simon Taylor
    • 14:30 (15+5) --- Tracking WG Report I--- Amy Schertz
    • 14:50 (10+5) --- Tracking WG Report II --- Naomi Jarvis
    • 15:05 (25+10) --- Event Overlap Report --- Sean Dobbs
    • 15:40 (25) --- Summary & Discussion
  • 16:05 Adjourn