Getting started with Hall-D Software on the JLab CUE

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Using pre-compiled binaries

If you have an account on the JLab CUE system that you would like to run Hall-D software from, you can do so using the software installed on the group disk. Tagged releases are built there in the /group/halld/Software/builds/sim-recon directory. The releases have directory names reflecting the date which the tag was made (e.g. sim-recon-2010-03-29).

Each of the release directories should have a file called setenv.csh than can be sourced (if you're using csh or tcsh). This will setup your environment to use that specific release and add the proper directories to the front of your PATH environment variable.

For example, to use the sim-recon-2010-03-29 release:

source /group/halld/Software/builds/sim-recon/sim-recon-2010-03-29/setenv.csh

You may want to add the above line to your .cshrc file if you plan to use this a lot and want to avoid typing every time you log in.

Modifying Part of the Code in a Private Area

If you wish to modify only a part of the code for a private study, but then link against libraries in the public area, you can do so through the use of the HALLD_MY environment variable.


Suppose you want to modify something in the FCAL library that is responsible for reconstruction of the Forward Calorimeter. You would do the following:

1.) Create a place to hold the code and binaries in your home directory somewhere and set the HALLD_MY environment variable to point to it:

mkdir /home/davidl/halld_my
setenv HALLD_MY /home/davidl/halld_my

2.) "cd" into the HALLD_MY directory and copy the code you wish to modify into it. Most likely, you will want to use the code from the release you will be linking against. You can either check the source out from the repository or copy it directly from the group area. Be aware though that if you do the latter, it will likely contain object files and libraries from the various platforms used to do the group builds that will end up counting against your quota. Here is how one would get just the source from the repository:

svn export

You will also need to recompile/link any executables you want to use so you'll need to get that code as well:

svn export
svn export
svn export

3.) Modify any of the code in your HALLD_MY directory and recompile the library and then the executables.

...<edit files> ...

cd ../hd_dump

This will compile and link the executable and then place it in the $HALLD_MY/bin/$BMS_OSNAME directory. To use it, make sure you either specify the full path to the executable or add the $HALLD_MY/bin/$BMS_OSNAME directory to your path.