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Fcal array.jpg

The GlueX FCAL consists of 2800, 4 cm x 4 cm x 45 cm lead glass blocks stacked in a circular array. Each block is optically coupled to an FEU 84-3 PMT which will be instrumented with flash ADC electronics. GlueX-doc 985,988 and 989 document the GlueX Fcal as presented in the February 2008 Calorimetry Review.

=== FCAL calibration

Shift Taker Reference Guide

Info For Data Analyzers

FCAL Summary

FCAL Expert Manuals

Mechanical Design

Radiation Damage

Optical Measurements

Electromagnetic Background

Options for Radiation-Hard Insert

Readout Electronics

Write up by Scott Teige

CW Bases


Previous Experiment References