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Currently the GlueX simulation is a multistep process that includes:

  • physics generation
    • genr8 or other any other generator
    • generate physics and four vectors for final state particles
  • particle propagation
    • done with hdgeant
    • propagates generated particles through the detector
    • simulates detector geometry
    • output is largely deposited energy and time in active elements
  • detector response
    • done at reconstruction time in DANA framework
    • simulates thresholds, dead channels, gain, etc. (electronics digitization)
    • DANA provides database interface so corrections can be run dependent
  • MCwrapper
    • An interface for running simulations

Note that the boundary between particle propagation and detector response is somewhat soft since digitization or detector response effects can be included in hdgeant. For this reason a detailed discussion of detector digitization and response for each system is included below.

For more detailed instructions on setting up and using the simulation software, go to HOWTO get started with Hall-D Software.

Detector Response and Digitization