Data Challenge 2: Ideas

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Thoughts on what goals we might have for the next data challenge.

New software

  • BCAL reconstruction
  • CCDB
  • latest tracking
  • ROOT trees?
  • improved REST?

Simulation Configuration Changes

  • add electromagnetic background
  • add in dark noise in the BCAL
  • open up photon window, especially to higher photon energy, perhaps 7.5 GeV to the end-point

System Improvements

  • improve job success efficiency
  • farm management system at JLab
    • crude set of perl scripts now, full of kludges
    • needs generalization, perhaps re-write
  • input and output data cataloging and management
    • database application?
    • grid-based meta-data catalog?

Raw Data Paradigm

  • produce simulated data as a completely separate step
  • write to tape library
  • inefficient but realistic
  • "raw data" sources:
    1. JLab farm
    2. online cluster
    3. grid
  • stresses different data paths
    • tape to farm at JLab
    • Grid to JLab
    • JLab to Grid

--marki 13:09, 1 May 2013 (EDT)