Controls Meeting 13-Jun-2019

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  • Announcements
  • Solenoid status (Tim,Beni)
    • Cooldown
  • Goniometer controls
    • Boards for linear stages (Tim, Nick).
    • XPS Controllers (Nick, Hovanes)
  • Remote resets (Hovanes, Nick)
    • CAEN HV crates (almost done)
    • Setpoints not lost with power reset
  • EDM screens in WMENU/JMENU (Tyler, Peter)
    Hall C WMENU
    Hall D WMENU
  • New ComCal chiller controls
  • Test setup for power crates (Nick)
  • TOF upgrades
  • DIRC installations
  • Other business
    Possible upgrades to RHEL7 in August.


10:00AM Thursday 13-Jun-2019 CC B101