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* period 1: 100408-
* period 1: 100408-
* period 2: 
* period 3:
== Gain matching calibration plots ==
== Gain matching calibration plots ==

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List of changes

These lists are giving the run ranges where the FCAL hardware was not changed.

Monitoring results

What is currently in the default variation


The periods in BOLD are calibrated i.e. have a pedestal and gain tables. Each period corresponds to an arbitrary 24h block from 00:00 to 00:00+24:00. These periods do not match yet the the FCAL hardware changes. The run ranges of the FCAL hardware changes are currently in the process to be determined. The preliminary tables are in xxx variation.

  • period 1: 100408-
  • period 2:
  • period 3:

Gain matching calibration plots

Checking the FCAL gains

Energy dependence correction monitoring plots

Timing calibration

Bad block map

This map is done for each run number by combining the info collected by analysing the LED and pi0 skims.