Building Private Versions of GlueX Software: my halld build jlab

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my_halld_build_jlab is a script that will build the GlueX-specific parts of the software stack for private use. Features include:

  • software built in an arbitrary directory
  • builds hdds, halld_recon, halld_sim, hdgeant4, and gluex_root_analysis by default
    • user may specify building a subset of these packages
  • chooses current version of the master branch for packages built
  • non-GlueX-specific packages are obtained from the default version.xml file
  • creates set-up scripts for using the build
  • does a parallel build with a user-specified number of processes
  • works only at JLab

To invoke it:

mkdir my_example_directory
cd my_example_directory

This will create setup_gluex.csh and in my_example_directory. These should be sourced for tcsh and for bash respectively to set up the GlueX software environment once the build is done. There is also a version XML file created in my_example_directory called <username>_<date>.xml where <username> is your username and <date> is the date. This XML file is used by the the set-up scripts to set up the environment and serves as documention of the build.

There is a YouTube playlist that demonstrates an early version of the script (only sim-recon was built at that time).