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make FC=gfortran DFC=gfortran
make FC=gfortran DFC=gfortran
cd ../..
cd ../..
echo gulex_build.csh done
echo gluex_build.csh done

Revision as of 16:24, 4 October 2007

The following steps will build JANA and the Hall D software tree in the directores "jana" and "gluex" respectively, creating them in the current working directory. It is assumed that the support packages (xerces, cernlib, root, etc.) have all been installed previoiusly. All necessary environment variables are set; they will likely not be appropriate for your machine and must be modified to fit your particular environment.

mkdir jana
cd jana
wget http://www.jlab.org/JANA/releases/jana_svn_daily_linux.tgz
tar zxvf jana_svn_daily_linux.tgz
cd jana_svn_daily_linux
setenv JANA_HOME $cwd
rm -rf bin lib include
cd src/JANA
setenv OS `/bin/uname -s`
setenv ARCH `/bin/uname -p`
setenv OSNAME ${OS}-${ARCH}
make clean
make install
cd ../../../..
mkdir gluex
cd gluex
svn checkout https://halldsvn.jlab.org/repos/trunk/src
setenv HALLD_HOME $cwd
cd src
setenv ROOTSYS /usr/local/src/root/prod
eval `addpath.pl $ROOTSYS/bin`
setenv XERCESCROOT /usr/local/xerces-c/prod
setenv CERN /usr/local/cernlib
setenv CERN_LEVEL 2006
make FC=gfortran DFC=gfortran
cd ../..
echo gluex_build.csh done