BLTWG Meeting 12/18/2008

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  • Time: 9:30 EST
  • Place: EVO and ESNET (with telephone bridge)
  • Connecting: instructions are here
  • Present: R. Jones, J. Stewart, T. Whitlatch, I. Senderovich, A. Somov


  1. Changes to the November Review wiki page
  2. Simulation updates from Alex
  3. Comparison between ANSYS and TOSCA fields
  4. Goals for diamond assessment at CHESS in 3/2009
  5. Budget changes for tagger hodoscope


  1. Alex has redone his Pair Spectrometer simulations and has updated plots on the energy resolution -- see the Geant simulations section on the pair spectrometer wiki page.
  2. There was discussion about finding a package of work that might be suitable for writing a MOU with the YERPHI group. We are looking for a set of engineering and construction tasks that can be specified clearly and the work can proceed relatively independently.
  3. Alex looked at reducing the amount of shielding iron downstream of the pair spectrometer. He replaced the original wall with another one a factor of two less thick, and weighing a total of 8 tons. The simulation results showed no significant increase in the backgrounds in the forward direction as a result of this change. He did see a factor ~4 reduction in the backgrounds at large angles by inserting lead wedges at the sides of the exit to the dipole to stop particles that are going to scrape on the exit edge of the dipoles.