BLTWG Meeting 03/28/2016

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  • Time: 11:30 EDT
  • Connecting: detailed instructions are here
  • Conference id: 536076821
  • Present: Richard J., Brendan P., Justin S., Elton S., Mike D., Dan S., Nathan S., Alex D., Eugene C., Hovanes E., Alex S., Curtis M., and Hovanes E.


  1. Announcements
  2. Update on slow locks and fast feedback - Alexandre D.
  3. Updated results from CHESS run in Feb. 2016 - Richard J.
  4. Update on beam polarization determination - anyone
  5. Next steps for improved thin diamonds - Richard Jones
  6. Update on TAGH calibration and performance - Nathan S.
  7. Update on the TAGM calibration and performance - Alex B.
  8. Update on diamond radiator fabrication - Brendan P.
  9. Update on triplet polarimetry - Michael D./Nathan S.
  10. Update on the pair spectrometer - Sascha S.
  11. Any other business