BCal Timing Resolution Note

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  • Version 1.0

File:BCalAnalysisVersion1 0.pdf \\ Media:BCalAnalysisVersion1 0.pdf Download from the media link.

  • Version 1.1

-some spelling, grammer and blatant mistakes corrected

File:BCalAnalysisVersion1 1.pdf \\ Media:BCalAnalysisVersion1 1.pdf Download from the media link.

This is the very first draft of the note. Any questions or ideas are more than welcome. [1]

  • Version 2.0

File:BCAL06analysis-v2.pdf \\ Media:BCAL06analysis-v2.pdf Download from the media link. Also on the DocDB as Gluex-doc-804-v2 [2].

  • KLOE Paper

Media:KLOE3.pdf The KLOE NIMA paper where they quote a final timing resolution of the electromagnetic calorimeter to be 54ps/sqrt{E} + 50 ps.