Automatic Builds of GlueX Software

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Every night a complete build of the source directory is done on several platforms at the lab.

  • The builds are located in /scratch/gluex/halld_builds on the JLab CUE. Everyday a new directory, named after the current date, is created in this one.
  • Both the hdds package and the src tree are built. Latest versions of each are used.
  • The script run is /home/gluex/bin/ It is scheduled as a cron job for the "gluex" account on The job runs at 3:15 am daily.
  • One cron job runs the builds on the various platforms, serially. The current platforms are:
    • ifarml5 (Fedora 8)
    • jlabl3 (RedHat Enterprise Linux 5)
    • (CentOS 5).
  • Both non-debug and debug builds are done on all platforms.
  • Once a week a summary of errors and warnings is sent to the email list. The script run is /home/gluex/bin/ and is run as a cron job (gluex, ifarml3).
  • To use one of the nightly builds, you can set up the environment as follows (assume you want to use October 3, 2010):
setenv HDDS_HOME /scratch/gluex/halld_builds/2010-10-03/hdds/hdds_latest
setenv HALLD_HOME /scratch/gluex/halld_builds/2010-10-03/halld/latest
source /group/halld/Software/scripts/build_scripts/gluex_env_jlab.csh