October 2020 CM Planning

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Let's assume 4 talks per session, 3-4 sessions per day.

Possible Schedule

Session A

  • Zach Baldwin - π0η and π0η'
  • Lawrence Ng - η π0 and η π- double Regge beam asymmetries
  • Rupesh Dotel - γ p → η' π0 p
  • Mariana Khachatryan - γ p → η' π0 p PWA

Session B

  • Tolga Erbora - η BA off proton
  • Varun Neelamana - η Δ+ BA
  • Churamani Paudel - η' BA off proton
  • Jon Zarling - η final states

Session C

  • Mark Dalton - vector meson SDMEs
  • Karthik Suresh - b1(1235) → ωπ
  • Drew Smith - Primex
  • Nilanga Wickramaarachchi - Λ(1520) → Σ0γ

Session D

  • J/psi, etc.
  • Cascades

Session E

  • Track Reconstruction TF
  • Proton Reconstruction TF
  • Photon Reconstruction TF
  • Proton & Vertex Selections TF

Session F

  • Combinatorics TF
  • PID Selections TF
  • Photon Flux TF
  • Trigger Efficiency TF

Physics WG Meetings

September 29th

  • Igal - JEF simulations
  • Drew - Compton cross sections in Primex

October 13th

  • Mahmoud
  • Varun?
  • Karthik?

October 16/19/20th?

  • if needed

Talks to Include

DNP talks

  • Zachary Baldwin, Studies comparing π0η and π0η' systems in search for exotic hybrid mesons at GlueX Abstract link
  • Mark Dalton, Spin-Density Matrix Elements for Vector Meson Photoproduction at GlueX Abstract link
  • Rupesh Dotel, Analysis of the reaction γ p → η' π0 p in GlueX in search of photoproduced exotic mesons, Abstract link
  • Tolga Erbora, Measurement of the t-dependence for the Beam Asymmetry of Photoproduced η Mesons at GlueX Abstract link
  • Igal Jaegle, Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model at the Jefferson Lab Eta Factory Abstract link
  • Mahmoud Kamel, Differential η meson photoproduction cross sections off the proton at center of mass energies up to 4.75 GeV from the GlueX experiment Abstract link
  • Mariana Khachatryan, Partial wave analysis studies with simulated η'π0 events in GlueX Abstract link
  • Varun Neelamana, Beam Asymmetry in γ p → η Δ+ at GlueX Abstract link
  • Lawrence Ng, Searching for photoproduced exotic hybrid mesons in the η π0 system at GlueX Abstract link
  • Churamani Paudel, Beam Asymmetry t-dependence for photoproduced η' at GlueX off the proton target Abstract link
  • Drew Smith, Status of the PrimEx-η Experiment in Hall D at Jefferson Lab Abstract link
  • Karthik Suresh, The decay of the b1(1235) meson through the ωπ channel at GlueX Abstract link
  • Nilanga Wickramaarachchi, Hyperon Spectroscopy with GlueX: Λ(1520) → Σ0γ Abstract link
  • Jon Zarling, Photoproduction of η Mesons with the GlueX Experiment Abstract link