Glue light guide to the PMT

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Warning: UV protection glasses (see Fig. 3) have to be used during UV gluing prcedure

  • Clean the PMT face with isopropanol and insert it inside the gluing fixture, slide the PMT up from the bootom
  • Make sure that DYMAX UV glue is loaded to the syringe
  • Apply one drop of the glue on the PMT face
  • Make sure that the light guide surface is clean
  • Slide the light guide from the top and put in contact with the PMT. Make sure that there are no air bubbles in the glue between the PMT and LG
  • Switch on UV gluing tool. Cure UV glue from the top and two sided. The typical light exposure time is 6 sec for each side
  • Slide the PMT with LG to the bottom of the fixture

Gluing procedure