GlueX Start Counter Meeting, February 9, 2012

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GlueX Start Counter Meeting
Thursday, February 9, 2012
10 am EST
JLab: CEBAF Center, Room F326


  1. Announcements
  2. Review minutes from previous meeting
  3. Prototype Report
  4. SiPM configuration
  5. Contract Status
  6. Simulation Status

Communication Information

Video Conferencing


Talks can be deposited in the directory /group/halld/www/halldweb/html/talks/2012-1Q on the JLab CUE. This directory is accessible from the web at .

Chair's Cell Phone




  • FIU: Werner Boeglin, Lei Guo, Puneet Khetarpal, Eric Pooser
  • JLab: Eugene Chudakov, Chuck Hutton, Mark Ito (chair), Tim Whitlatch, Beni Zihlmann

SiPM configuration

Prototype Report

  • Werner has placed an order with McNeal to make a sample counter.

Simulation Report

Puneet showed results recent results from new studies that model light collection in the counters. He uses Geant4. He described:

  1. Geometry and set-up
  2. Material properties used
  3. Optical surface options explored

Results are not inconsistent with what has been observed on the bench. See his wiki page for details.