Errors from hd dump

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> /group/halld/Software/builds/build_2007-08-06/bin/Linux-i686/hd_dump hdgeant.hddm Unable to open "./info.xml"!
Reading Magnetic field map from Magnets/Solenoid/solenoid_1400 ... Unable to open "./Magnets/Solenoid/solenoid_1400"!
0 entries found ( Nx=0 Ny=0 Nz=0 ) Error getting JCalibration object for magnetic field!

Telling all threads to quit ...
Opening source "hdgeant.hddm"of type: HDDM
Launching threads .
Registering FDC factories
 --- Configuration Parameters --
        < all defaults >

Event: 1

Registered factories: (49 total)

Name:             nrows:  tag:
---------------- ------- --------------
DBCALGeometry        1                                                         
FCAL Geometry initialized with 2800 active blocks.

No factory of type "DMCFCALHit" with tag "" exists.
If you are reading objects from a file, I can auto-create a factory
of the appropriate type to hold the objects, but this feature is turned
off by default. To turn it on, set the "JANA:AUTOFACTORYCREATE"
configuration parameter. This can usually be done by passing the
following argument to the program from the command line:


Note that since the most commonly expected occurance of this situation.
is an error, the program will quit now.

Telling all threads to quit ...
DFCALGeometry        1                                                 Unable to open "./info.xml"! Unable to open "./TOF/tof_parms"!
DTOFMCResponse_factory: Error loading values from TOF data base
DTOFGeometry         1                                                 Unable to open "./TOF/tof_parms"!
DTOFMCHit_factory: Error loading values from TOF data base Least Squares TRACKING --------------
DTrackCandidate      1    "THROWN"                                             
DTrackEfficiency     1                                                         
DMCThrown            1                                                         

Merging thread 0 ...                                 
 11 events processed. Average rate: 7.3Hz