BLTWG Meeting 12/4/2008

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  • Time: 9:30 EST
  • Place: EVO and ESNET (with telephone bridge)
  • Connecting: instructions are here
  • Present: R. Jones, E. Aschenauer, J. Stewart, T. Whitlatch, C. Meyer, I. Senderovich, G. Yang, F. Klein, A. Somov


  1. Loose ends to be tied up from the review
  2. Consolidation of simulation geometries
  3. New simulation studies to be done
  4. Goals for diamond assessment at CHESS in 3/2009
  5. Presentation from Primex
  6. Budget changes for tagger hodoscope

Loose ends to be tied up from the review

  • Engineering issues
    1. Tagger coil cooling water flow scheme
    2. Tagger iron slab through-rods versus bolts
    3. Integration of pair spectrometer pole extensions with vacuum chamber
    4. Make sure we can reverse the polarity of the tagger power supply
  • Simulation issues
    1. Clarify to what extent Moller scattering was present in tagger simulation
  • Electron beam integration issues
    1. If the electron beam is mis-steered onto the diamond holder frame, what safety system first detects that and shuts down the beam line? Is it fast enough to prevent damage to the experiment or photon beam instrumentation?

Simulation geometry consolidation

  • New geometry of the tagger spectrometer
    1. New location of the quadrupole
    2. Location and orientation of the dipole
    3. New geometry of the vacuum chamber
    4. New placement of the focal plane detectors
    5. Revised design of the exit flange and pipe from tagger vacuum chamber
  • Revised geometry for the photon beam line
    1. Revised geometry of the primary and secondary collimators
    2. Incorporation of new collimator cave geometry
    3. Refined placement and orientation of PS detectors front and back
    4. Introduction of a TOSCA field map for the pair spectrometer
    5. Incorporation of PS and associated shielding geometry
  • Validation of the above and release of new versions of hdds geometries for the Tagger Hall and Hall D simulations.

New simulation studies

  1. Optimize iron shielding downstream of the pair spectrometer
  2. Put in epoxy for coils and estimate dose need coil lifetime)
  3. Study effects of tapering active collimator (???)
  4. Finish design of the downstream end of the tagger vacuum chamber

Preparation for CHESS run in 3/2009

  1. Plan for obtaining diamonds from Glasgow
  2. Design of a silicon mask for characterizing the resolution of the CCD X-ray camera
  3. Goals for this run

Initiation of contacts with diamond cutters