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What follows is a rough outline of the features of the FCAL simulation and response.

Simulation Parameters

  • attenuation length: 300 cm
  • speed of light in bar: 16.75 cm / ns
  • two hit resolution: 50 ns
  • max hits per channel: 100

hitBCal.c / HDGeant

The following actions are performed in hitBarrelEMcal. This routine is called by GEANT to process steps taken by charged particles inside of BCAL modules. Note that GEANT does not simulate production and propagation of scintillation light in the fibers from the charged particles in the shower. It simulates the full electromagnetic shower and tracks energy deposition of charged particles through ionization.

  • energy deposited in each step in the block is attenuated based on distance from each end of the module
  • hits within 50 ns of each other are merged
  • a 10 MeV threshold per cell is applied


The reconstruction algorithm extracts hits from the DBCALMCResponse factory which does the following:

  • applies parametric simulation of sampling fraction effects (not yet implemented)
  • simulates appropriate electronics threshold and dead channels (not yet implemented)