Analysis software wishlist from May 2020 CM

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Event Generation

  • have flat mass generation be actually flat (currently increases at high mass in many channels) - fixed, pull request from Alex A.: [1]
  • correctly handle unstable particles at the lower vertex
  • correctly throw events flat in angles, like in omega pi system
  • consistent plan for handling different models of t-dependency

Amplitude Analysis

  • Standard way of generating flat trees from DSelector output
    • ROOT scripts?
    • Update and generalize tree_to_amptools?
      • Benchmark against analysis launch?
    • New AmpTools data reader?
    • DSelector flat tree output?
    • Look at FlattenFSRoot and adapt data reader?
  • Slice up data and perform different fits
    • bins of mass
    • bins of t
    • different wave sets
    • different starting parameters
    • resampling for bootstrap error estimation
  • Output format
    • text files?
    • SQLite DB?
  • Plotting
    • Generic GUI program?
    • command line program?
    • easy interface to results based on different fit variations
    • visualize both amplitudes and comparison between data and weighted MC
  • Common routines/procedures for error propagation