20200831 sdobbs PID notes

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Here are some suggestions / thoughts from the current studies

  • Mahmoud
    • FCAL photon delta T resolution in data and MC is close, could be tuned a little more
      • tail to negative delta T in data not modeled in MC. would be interesting to understand this more
      • possible change to default cuts - increase to +- 2.0 ns. looks like this should be fine for all-neutral final states. maybe not for those with charged particles?
    • BCAL photon delta T has shower energy dependence not modeled in MC - cuts are really loose, so this doesn't matter (yet)
    • missing mass resolution slightly different in data and MC. due to photon energy or proton momentum resolution (previous studies suggest the latter is the problem)
  • Colin
    • 1% differences in pi+ BCAL delta t, pi- TOF delta t - driven by low momentum particles?
    • 4% difference in proton TOF delta t - at low momentum, a delta T cut of +-0.6 ns is clearly too tight, maybe +-1.0, 1.5 ns at the lowest bin?
      • maybe mostly affects baryon analyses?
    • Need more 1D slice plots
  • Foda
    • 1% differences in pi+/pi- TOF delta t - also low momentum?
    • Need more 1D slice plots
  • Peter
    • 3% difference in K+ TOF delta t - maybe this is good for a +-0.3 ns cut? maybe small changes in mean and tails needed? loosen to +-0.35 ns?
    • 3% difference in K- BCAL delta t - clear difference in negative side tails - low momentum charged particle calorimeter showers are hard to simulate
    • 2% difference in missing mass cut, see above
  • Nilanga
    • 2% difference in K+ TOF and BCAL delta t
  • George
    • Everything is consistent within 1%, nice!
    • Will need to check missing mass cut